Team at VMRC is working to provide early diagnosis solution for cancer which is cost effective, easy to use, and can be integrated with easily available tools.

The critical step in cancer management is timely and accurate detection. Research team at VMRC have successfully completed all clinical phases of cancer detection product (VRP-1620) which when used as adjunct with sono-mammography increases positive predictive value (PPV) and specificity to a significantly high level without reducing specificity.

The cancer detection product (VRP-1620) developed at VMRC increases the diagnostic accuracy of Sonomammography in the detection of solid breast tumors by increasing the vascularity of breast tumor cells. It is safe and a well-tolerated ETB receptor agonist. VRP-1620 may be considered as an adjunct to Sonomammography for a more accurate diagnosis attained by an increase in specificity with no concomitant decrease in sensitivity.

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